Opportunities on Japanese Language:

We are placing Japanese Language Experts in Japan as well as in India.



The most popular of all the available career options in foreign language is teaching. Teaching of foreign language is just like teaching any other language. For newcomers, it is advisable to start with teaching. As a teacher, a person gets enough opportunities to enhance his/her skills. As far as teaching jobs are concerned, many institutions are offering courses in foreign languages and so jobs exists at all levels. Those reluctant to engage themselves in a full-time profession can take private tuition as well. Foreign Language teachers are always in great demand. If you specialize in languages such as French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, you will never be short of teaching offers.

Interpreters And Translators:

Interpreters are specialists who deal with oral communication. Interpreters can be employed by Governments, International Agencies, Conferences, Publishers and other business organizations. They are paid highly depending on the demand. Interpreters and translators both need to have a good command over two or more languages.


Translation work can be related to a variety of fields like technical, scientific literary or business. Translators work on books, scripts, articles and translate them into specified languages. Apart from having linguistic skills, a translator must possess adequate knowledge in the area of the work so as to maintain the style and essence of the original text.


Often, after pursuing courses in foreign languages, people like to work as freelancers. These people get work in translation bureaus, research organisations, international organisations like UNO, FAO, foreign companies, Reserve Bank of India, publishing houses etc. Expertise in foreign language coupled with other additional qualifications in areas like management, IT, Mechanical, Pharmaceutical, Bio technology, tourism, hospitality industry, airlines can be even fruitful and better the chances for employment opportunities.


Employees who can communicate in foreign languages are always a blessing for any employer. IT professionals with a foreign language serve as a bridge between the employer and foreign clients.

Entrepreneurs- Knowledge of a foreign language will enable you to start your own business with foreign countries.

Language skills are like sport skills wherein early starters are at an advantage.


Emoluments vary with the kind and the place of work. For instance, a career in teaching foreign languages can earn anything from Rs.20000/- p.m to Rs. 40000/- p.m. In General, A Lecturer’s pay scale is between Rs. 10000/- p.m. to Rs. 13000/- p.m. Those working as translators get paid between Rs. 200/- to Rs.1000/- per page. An interpreter gets paid on hourly basis and at present the rate varies from Rs. 300/- to Rs. 1500/- per hour. For those working with embassies can get paid between Rs. 40000/- p.m. to Rs. 1,00,000/- p.m.

Demand and Supply

Despite huge demand for foreign language professionals there is not much information available for aspirants. As a result few professionals come out from foreign language institutes which ultimately results in a dearth of trained foreign language experts. India requires a huge number of foreign language experts, particularly in Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages. Whereas India possesses millions of English language experts, it faces shortage of people who know French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. One important reason for shortage of trained foreign language professionals is lack of infrastructural set up in institutes and universities. Also, there are not many institutes which offer quality training in any foreign language.

Market Watch

Market for professional experts in foreign languages, particularly in European languages is expected to widen up in couple of decades. Evalueserve, an international research company claims that there would be a requirement of more than 1,60,000 foreign language professionals in various BPO, IT and KPO processes in India. Moreover, there is a strong requirement for skilled foreign language professionals who can effectively work in language-sensitive processes outsourced to India by companies located in the European countries.The research company concludes that the total addressable market for language-sensitive work is worth USD 14.4 billion.